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Channel Zero Season 3 teaser trailer is ready for the Butcher’s Block

Channel Zero is seems to frequently be referred to as “the best horror show you’re not watching,” although people are clearly watching it, as SyFy has commissioned four seasons of Nick Antosca’s show based on popular Creepypasta tales.

Season Two, No-End House, has just finished airing in the US (it airs on 5star on 31 October here), and a teaser for Season Three has already been released. Check it out here…

Deadline reports that Butcher’s Block is inspired by the Creepypasta story “Search and Rescue Woods.” It “tells the story of a young woman named Alice (Olivia Luccardi, It Follows) who moves to a new city and learns about a series of disappearances that may be connected to a baffling rumor about mysterious staircases in the city’s worst neighborhoods. With help from her sister, she discovers that something is preying on the city’s residents.”

They also confirmed the cast, which is as follows:

“Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) as Zoe Woods, Alice’s sharp, tough older sister whose struggles with mental illness have worn her down over the years; Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) as Joseph Peach, a 1950s meatpacking magnate who grew increasingly reclusive and then disappeared after his beloved daughters were murdered; Brandon Scott (Wreck-It Ralph) as Officer Luke Vanczyk, a young but already jaded cop, living in the shadow of his father, the Chief of Police. Krisha Fairchild (Krisha) as Louise Lispector, a retired journalist who has lived in Garrett, Michigan her whole life. Now she spends her days doing taxidermy and working on her personal project: A book about a pattern of disappearances in the city’s worst neighborhood.”

Always nice to see Rutger Hauer…

The first season was based on Candle Cove and was a very effective, stylish and creepy six-part series. We’re very excited to see what Antosca and company have up their sleeve when Season Two begins on Halloween. In the meantime, Channel Zero – Season One is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 30 October.

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