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William Gibson’s The Peripheral TV series coming from Westworld team and Vincenzo Natali

We’re just a couple of days away from the premiere of Westworld Season Two, but creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan aren’t slowing down.

The Wrap reports that the duo has signed on to adapt The Peripheral for Amazon Studios, turning the 2014 novel from genre legend William Gibson into an hour-long TV drama (the number of episodes has not yet been announced).

The Peripheral “follows Flynne Fisher, a young woman in near-future Arkansas. After playing what she’s been told is an experimental video game, Flynne finds herself in the middle of an abduction investigation that leads her into a different world.”

Scott Smith (A Simple Plan, The Ruins) is on scripting duties, and it’s wonderful to see that the awesome Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Cypher, Splice) is on board to direct the pilot. Natali’s been attached to a film of Gibson’s seminal novel Neuromancer for as long as we can remember, so it’s great he’ll finally get to bring a Gibson story to life.

The Wrap adds that there was a fierce bidding war to the rights for the novel. Gibson hasn’t had the best of luck with adaptations (Johnny Mnemonic), so we’re hoping this impressive team does justice to the material.

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