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Marvel reportedly giving Loki and Scarlet Witch their own TV series

As studios line up their streaming services, we should expect some pretty hefty announcements as they try to get our eyeballs away from Netflix and Amazon. And everything else. If Variety‘s report is to be believed, Disney has got some pretty big plans.

They report that the house of mouse is in “early stages” of development on “a number of” TV series led by MCU characters who haven’t been given their own standalone films yet. The two named in the report are Scarlet Witch (played by Elizabeth Olsen) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

What’s more, they claim that the stars are expected to reprise their roles in the shows, and that the budgets for the series (made up of six to eight episodes) will be closer to one of their films, as opposed to Marvel’s other small-screen efforts like Agents Of SHIELD. There’s definitely an emphasis on “second tier” characters, with the report stressing that no one should expect Cap or Iron Man to pop up.

We already knew that Disney was disconnecting from Netflix, with the MCU films gradually disappearing from the streaming service to migrate over to their own, and that they’re also in active development on at least one Star Wars TV series. This move would make a lot of sense and keeping continuity with the cinematic universe, both in terms of casting and events, would be a big draw. The Disney streaming service is expected to launch late next year.

Disney and Marvel have apparently not commented yet, but it all sounds very plausible, doesn’t it?

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