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The Few superhero webseries launches Indiegogo campaign for Season 2

If you are already hooked on the British-made superhero webseries The Few, you’ll be pleased to know that Season 2 has already been written. But it needs YOUR help!

The webseries’ filmmakers have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today to fund the second series of the show. Check out more details and find out how to donate here.

The new season, directed by Sam Bradford (Double Cross, Amazon Prime), entitled THE FEW: DARK FUTURE continues the ground breaking story which won 13 international awards, following three diverse working class Londoners who acquire superpowers when they enrol in a lucrative medical trial.

Writer and actor Sam Benjamin said: “We’re very excited to be bringing back Britain’s unique and original sci-fi super-powered universe! There’s nothing else like The Few being made right now. Once again we want to rattle the cages of all those American costumed heroes out there, give people something totally original in the genre, and continue this very working class British story we started last year.”

Here’s the exciting synopsis for Series 2:

Our first season saw two working class Londoners Anna and Christian acquire superpowers, who then went on a mission to awaken the UK to their prowess by force. But vengeful Rogue Detective Steve Douglas was determined to stop them and enlisted the help of a third super powered individual Jamie, who was at first reluctant to come forward.

After a big cliff hanger showdown at the end of our first series, The Few: Dark Future picks up 6 months after this confrontation… where we learn of a major death, a life changing secret and a brand new villain who discovers the identity of our super-powered ‘Lions’ and is hell bent on wreaking havoc in the world of our heroes.

The Few: Dark Future will feature returning talent: Kyla Frye (Are We Dead YetEdge Of Tomorrow), Vincent Jerome (Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen), Sam Benjamin (Peaky BlindersPeaky BlindersThe War Of The Worlds), Kim Vithana (Coronation Street), Sonny Louis (Game Of ThronesWonder Woman), and we also have new cast members joining, including Hollyoaks heartthrob Fabrizio Santino, with more cast members to be announced.

Watch the first episode of The Few Series 1 here:

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