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Supernatural: top 10 obscure guest stars that are now really famous

On the run up to Supernatural Season 15, the final season and end of the road for the Winchester brothers, we’ve been revisiting the series in its prime. And it turns out it’s absolutely filled with actors in bit-parts that are now really famous. Here are our top 10 Supernatural guest stars that we totally forgot were in Supernatural

Alden Ehrenreich

Before he became Han Solo, Ehrenreich got his first on-screen acting job in Supernatural’s second ever episode (‘Wendigo’) as Ben Collins, whose older brother disappears in the woods following a wookiee— sorry, wendigo attack. Teaming up with the Winchesters, Ben attempts to track down his brother and slay the creepy beast.

Cory Monteith

The late Glee star appeared alongside Alden Ehrenreich in ‘Wendigo’ as Gary, a young man who joined Ben’s brother on the doomed camping trip to the woods. Unlike Ben’s brother, who was eventually found by the Winchesters, Gary was captured and strung up in the Wendigo’s lair before being brutally killed off screen.

Marie Avgeropoulos

The 100’s Octavia made her CW debut in Supernatural Season 4’s ‘After School Special’. She played popular girl Taylor, who found herself the subject of ridicule when her alleged sexual exploits became the talk of the school. As if things couldn’t get any worse, she was promptly brutally murdered in the girls’ toilets by a possessed classmate.

Candice King

Before starring as Caroline Forbes in The CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, King joined Marie Avgeropoulos in ‘After School Special’. Appearing in a flashback, she plays teenaged Dean’s ex-high school sweetheart Amanda. Dean of course ends up cheating on her, and she takes the opportunity to give him a piece of her mind.

Dylan Minnette

The star of 13 Reasons Why and Don’t Breathe appeared in Supernatural (Season 4, ‘Family Remains’) as Danny Carter when he was just 12 years old. The haunted house Danny’s family moves into turns out not to be haunted after all, and instead has a girl living behind the walls in one of the show’s most chilling episodes.

Finn Wolfhard

Wolfhard had his far share of supernatural mysteries before Stranger Things came along. The actor guest starred in Supernatural Season 11 episode ‘Thin Lizzie’. He plays Jordie Pinsky, a boy whose parents are both killed my his babysitter who has had her soul removed in a hotel that used to be the home of murderer Lizzie Borden.

Ashley Benson

Though Benson’s Pretty Little Liars character was occasionally immoral, her Supernatural character was considerably worse. Appearing in Season 4 episode ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester’, she played a witch named Tracy, who attempted to resurrect a demon by murdering and sacrificing them in cruel and unusual ways.

Julie Benz

Is there a long-running drama Julie Benz hasn’t guest starred on? The actor turned up in Season 1’s ‘Faith’ as Layla, a woman who was dying of a brain tumour when she sought the help of ‘healer’ Roy Le Grange, a fraud whose wife had been controlling a reaper to hoodwink people into thinking he was healing them through the power of religion.

Rachel Keller

Before she starred in Legion, Fargo or The Society, Keller popped on a habit to play Sister Mathias in Season 10 episode ‘Paint It Black’. While working at St Philomena’s Church, spiritual Sister Mathias encountered a number of friendly ghosts that turned out to be vengeful spirits and enlisted the Winchesters to help banish them.

Sterling K Brown

The This Is Us mainstay appeared on the show as an antagonist, but not of the supernatural variety. Instead, he played vampire hunter Gordon Walker, who started as an acquaintance of the Winchesters. However, he quickly developed a grudge against the brothers after disagreeing with a number of their demon-hunting methods.

Supernatural Season 15 premieres on The CW on 10 October in the US. Get all the latest fantasy news with every issue of SciFiNow. 

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