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Red Dwarf feature-length special on the way from Dave

Red Dwarf is coming back for a feature-length special

Red Dwarf is back! Almost. There’s a feature-length special on the way in 2020, and it will be filled with all your favourite smegheads.

Returning for the special are Craig Charles as Lister, Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Danny John-Jules as the Cat and Robert Llewellyn as Kryten. It will feature a brand new story written and directed by Doug Naylor (one of the show’s original creators) and produced by Baby Cow Productions.

Speaking to the show’s official fan site, Craig said: “I’m really excited to get back on board with the boys from the Dwarf. I can’t wait to discuss Robert’s prostate problems, Chris Barrie’s hip replacement and have a proper look at Danny’s new dentures whilst they marvel at the agelessness of the Charles physique. I will surely require the services of a chiropractor after dragging these doddering misfits through what promises to be our most epic adventure yet. Dave Lister, the human race’s last hope in a hostile universe. God help us. And may the Dwarf be with you.”

Doug added: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity of making more Red DwarfUKTV have been a never-ending source of support and encouragement since we first started working together ten years ago. Can’t wait to start shooting a format that I don’t think has ever been done before. Smoke me a kipper, we’re back and not just for breakfast.”

The feature is being made for Dave, and will be filmed on location and at Pinewood Studios in front of a live studio audience.

In addition to the special, UKTV has also commissioned a series of three 60-minute documentaries, which will give insight into the show from day one up to now.

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