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Marvel cancels Howard the Duck and Tigre & Dazzler series

With new shows continually spewing from all of its crevices, Marvel TV can afford to lose a few. The latest series from the studio to be cancelled ahead mid-development are Howard The Duck and Tigre & Dazzler, according to THR.

The two shows were going to be animated comedies and were set to air on Hulu when the time came. They were both announced last year, alongside Hit Monkey and M.O.D.O.KBoth of the aforementioned series have survived, however, and are currently pushing ahead with production at Marvel TV.

Tigre & Dazzler had a spanner thrown into the works in December, when Marvel placed production on hold. Following creative differences with the writing staff, the studio released the entire staff and was readying to restart development on the show, keeping an eye out for a new showrunner.

The news comes at the end of Jeph Loeb’s Marvel era, just as Kevin Feige is stepping up as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment (which also includes Marvel TV).

Loeb’s Marvel TV slate now consists of the final season of Agents Of SHIELD and Hulu’s live-action drama Helstrom, which is still in the production stages.

TV series under Feige’s watch include Falcon & The Winter SoldierLoki, WandaVisionWhat If…?Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight, all of which are set to air on Disney+.

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