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Spies In Disguise: New animation doesn’t get pigeonholed

We review Spies In Disguise as it flies into home video release.

With endless quips and the ability to fight off hoards of bad guys single-handedly, Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is the best secret agent H.T.U.V. (Honor, Trust, Unity and Valor) has. Meanwhile, Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) really… isn’t. Sure, he’s a bonafide genius who creates unique weapons for the agency but his reluctance to use violence in his weaponry has rendered him an outcast. When one of Walter’s experimental weapons accidentally turns Lance into a pigeon, the two opposites have to partner up, but the lessons they learn from each other change them both for the better.

Spies In Disguise is a fun movie with dazzling animation (Walter’s experiments are a feast for the eyes – we’re talking glitter cat guns and protective bubble hugs). The voice cast, too, is spot on and impressive. Alongside Smith and Holland are Rashida Jones playing the no-nonsense Agent Marcy who’s tracking down Lance after she suspects fowl (sorry) play, with the help of her crackpot team (voiced by Karen Gillan and DJ Khaled). Throw in a decently complex villain voiced by Ben Mendelsohn and some exhilarating fight sequences, as well as a few adult jokes thrown in for good measure, and you have something for everyone.

The majority of the jokes don’t really land and the eventual emotional outcome is so obvious you can see it flying towards you from the very beginning but all-in-all this is an entertaining couple of hours for the family. Also, look out for the fun commentary that goes along with the Blu-ray release where directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane pop up and give you a great insight into all the work that went into making the movie and even point out the numerous Easter Eggs that are peppered throughout.

Spies In Disguise is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.


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