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Rendezvous With Rama: Out of this world edition released

Those lovely people at The Folio Society have released another beautiful edition of a classic sci-fi novel with its take on Arthur C Clarke’s Rendezvous With Rama. And we are delighted to be able to share with you some images from the book…

For those unfamiliar with Rendezvous With Rama, here is a synopsis:

Rama is a vast alien spacecraft that enters the Solar System. A perfect cylinder some fifty kilometres long, spinning rapidly, racing through space, Rama is a technological marvel, a mysterious and deeply enigmatic alien artefact.

It is Mankind’s first visitor from the stars and must be investigated …

For this edition of Rendezvous With Rama artist Matt Griffin has created seven spectacularly dramatic illustrations. Also accompanying the story is a new and exclusive introduction by novelist John Clute, who writes on the everlasting wonder of Arthur C Clarke.

It is fully bound in printed and blocked cloth, set in Cartier with Great Lakes as display, and has 6 full-page colour illustrations as well as a black and white illustrated title page and a die-cut slipcase.

The stunning illustrations encapsulate the vast unknown beautifully and in Clute’s new introduction, he explains that the joy in reading Rendezvous With Rama comes from Clarke’s mastery at describing something ‘beyond our species’ wildest imaginings’. As is often the case with scientific discovery in the real world, Clute explains, ‘there is no answer within, only the wonders before our eyes’.

The Folio Society edition of Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, introduced by John Clute and illustrated by Matt Griffin, is available exclusively from The Folio Society.

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