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The Human Frontier: Four-episode sci-fi audio adventure is out now

Written and directed by award-winning creative director, Nicholas Briggs and comprising of four hour-long episodes, the epic science fiction audio series The Human Frontier is out now. You can watch the fantastic graphical trailer here…

Boasting a top-tier cast, with tremendous audio design, music and special effects, here’s a synopsis of what the series has in store…

The epic space adventure sets follow the journey of two Earth colonist crews, both setting out for the planet ND492.

One taking the long route, sleeping for 1000 years on a ship called The Human Frontier. The other crew set off hundreds of years later at hyper speed.

When the sleepers wake as they approach the planet, the hyper-speed crew have been living there for 300 years already – and they have no clue the ‘sleepers’ are about to arrive.  

Writer and director Briggs, who is well known to Doctor Who fans as the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen, had the following to say about fulfilling his creative vision:

“A phrase I overuse, but it is true, is that for me it’s beyond exciting. I felt such joy and fear simultaneously. I’m not one for white-knuckle rides but I’ve done a couple, and this felt rather like that.

“The experience in the studio was fantastic. Everyone picked up on the amount of emotion I had invested in this, and all of them ran to my aid, fully supportive. Our great producer Emma Haigh was also there at every moment to help. It was one of the most heartening experiences of my life so far.”

Having become one of the biggest publishers of audio drama in the UK, Big Finish Productions continues to release an ever-widening range of great audio plays. The Human Frontier is one of the company’s Big Finish Originals, a range of original audio dramas featuring diverse talent, created to celebrate Big Finish’s 20th anniversary.

The Human Frontier is now available to own as a digital download – exclusively from Big Finish priced at £16.99.  

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